Friday, September 7, 2012

Lilly, August 2012

My sister asked me awhile ago to take some family photo's for her. She has a little girl, Lilly, who is one, and a brand new baby boy. I had a lovely time taking photo's. It was my first "family" session and I think it turned out quite well. Here are the individual photos of Lilly. Lilly was mostly interested in running around, but near then end I feel like I got some really great shots of her smiling and that was worth it for me.

All photos belong to Angel Light Photography by Helen.

Lilly's wild hair.
She kept trying to climb up on the stump, but as soon as she was picked up and put on it she started crying.

I love this photo!

The other side of her.

A very happy girl!

Lilly likes to sniff things...anything really, but mostly her blanket. Here is is sniffing her dress.

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